Featured Green Monster: Kristen Suzanne, Raw Vegan Chef

Kristen Suzanne is an accomplished Raw food chef and former competitive bodybuilder. Through radio, television, books, classes, and her blog and email newsletter, Chef Kristen Suzanne helps people live life to the fullest with the healthiest cuisine in the world.

Kristen’s philosophy is one of moderation, flexibility, and realism. Her articles focus on practical tips for getting started with a raw diet, staying raw during challenging life situations, and even saving money with this style of eating. She has also developed a series of raw recipe books to help people transition to, stick with, and most importantly, ENJOY a raw diet!

Check out all the great articles and recipes Kristen has published on One Green Planet!


  1. Tips on Being Raw Vegan in an Omnivore World
  2. Flexibility and the Power of the Raw Food Spectrum
  3. 5 Different Ways to Get Started with Raw Food
  4. Easy Ways to Live and Love the Raw Lifestyle
  5. 10 Great Tips for Saving Money with Raw Food
  6. A Vegan Gift for YOU: Get Others to Try the Vegan Lifestyle
  7. 6 Tips for Eating Raw While Traveling
  8. 8 Tips for Getting Your Family Excited to Eat Raw Food
  9. 3 Ways Smoothies and Shakes Will Enhance Your Life
  10. 3 Easy Raw Foods Tips for Busy People


  1. Raw Spring Power Applesauce
  2. Raw Double Chocolate Cherry Cheesecake
  3. Hazelnut Chocolate Snowballs
  4. Pecan Spice Delight Cookies
  5. Raw Harvest Soup

Also be sure to check out Kristen’s blog for sample recipes, videos, and excellent raw food tips!