The world is changing, quickly, and so is the anti-animal food scene. Companies and brands we never thought would incorporate veganism into their menus and venues are now doing so. The continued rise of vegan and plant-based business stories that have occurred int he past year is just getting started. Now, Dominos Australia is joining the rankings with an announcement of new vegan cheesy garlic bread.

Wait, what?


That’s right. According to Daily Mail, Nick Knight, the CEO of Dominos Australia said, “We’ve had great support and engagement from the vegan community on our dedicated Facebook group for vegan cheese enthusiasts, and have been seeing lots of suggestions that we should create a vegan-friendly alternative to our cheesy garlic bread.”

Vegans rejoice! As mainstream companies join the vegan culture, we get closer and closer to have a plant-based world. Starting on Monday, the mega-pizza company will be introducing their delicious garlic bread to the menu, and it’ll only cost $6.95.

Nick said, “At Domino’s, we’re always hungry to be better and want to deliver the changes customers are asking for,’ Mr. Knight said.” Kudos, Mr. Knight!

We can’t wait until Dominos brings their cheesy bread to the United States, and every other country!


Until then, enjoy some of our garlic bread!

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