We hope you love cherries because June 18th is National Cherry Tart Day! It’s speculated that the first National Cherry Tart day came into existence because of the National Cherry Festival held in Michigan, but sources aren’t entirely clear. A tart is like an open-faced pie and who doesn’t want to dig into a crumbly pie crust filled with sweet, sugary, gooey cherries?

While it’s also suggested that this awesome holiday takes place on June 21st,  we wanted to get to the good stuff ASAP. Don’t worry — when the next National Cherry Tart Day rolls around, you can still whip up some delicious, cherry tart-related dessert. We won’t tell anyone (we’ll be doing the same thing). So, get ready because yours truly has curated eight, count ’em, eight yummy recipes for cherry pies and tarts.

1. Cherry Chocolate Pie

cherry chocolate pie

Cherry Chocolate Pie

In Dani Venn‘s Cherry Chocolate Pie, a chia cherry jam sits on a raw pie crust base of seeds and Medjool dates. The cherry jam is sweet, tart, and has the perfect texture. The pie is then topped with cool, creamy coconut yogurt, and garnished with fresh cherries and cacao nibs. Serve this decadent dessert chilled.

2. Single Serving Cherry Crumble

single serve cherry crumble

Single Serving Cherry Crumble

You know, as the saying goes, life is just a bowl of cherries. Why not make life interesting and turn those cherries into Sarah Pether‘s Single Serving Cherry Crumble? It’s as easy as pie — maybe even a little easier.

3. Sweet Cherry Tarts

sweet cherry tarts

Sweet Cherry Tarts

Rich, homemade cherry jam in the center of a sweet cookie tart, it’s dreamlike. These Sweet Cherry Tarts by Wendy Irene are gluten-free, and they are vegan, but you’d never know because they are sure to delight anyone.

4. Amaretto Cherry Strudel With Homemade Puff Pastry

amaretto cherry strudel

Amaretto Cherry Strudel

This Amaretto Cherry Strudel recipe by Aileen Metcalf is quite amazing. Don’t be intimidated by the “homemade vegan puff pastry” part. It’s pretty simple, we promise. This recipe is flakey, easy, and most importantly, delicious! It looks fancy and would be the perfect addition to any breakfast or brunch (or dessert!).

5. Rustic Cherry Rice Pudding Tart

rustic cherry rice pudding tart

Rustic Cherry Rice Pudding Tart

Rice pudding is a classic dish that tastes like home. This Rustic Cherry Rice Pudding Tart by Sonja Trurnit reinvents it in tart form with sour cherries and homemade cashew cream. This dessert is elegant, yet it has a rustic charm to it that’s sure to win over everyone’s taste buds.

6. Chambord Cherry Pie

chambord cherry pie

Chambord Cherry Pie

What better way to celebrate summer than with Alex and Linda Meyer‘s Chambord Cherry Pie? This one, in particular, is improved with the addition of fruity liqueur. Boozy berries, yum! If the only thing stopping you from making this pie right now is fear of pie crust, don’t worry: this recipe couldn’t be any easier or more foolproof.

7. No-Bake Mint Cherry Tart

no bake mini cherry tart

No-Bake Mint Cherry Tarts

These No-Bake Mint Cherry Tarts by Leah Moldowan are so easy to make and almost dangerously easy to eat. The crust is coconutty, with a bit of buckwheat crunch. Then they are filled with a creamy vanilla bean and mint cream and then they’re topped with beautiful fresh cherries. The chewy and crunchy crust is just the perfect vessel for smooth and creamy filling and juicy cherries.

8. Stewed Cherries With Rosemary

stewed cherries with rosemary

Stewed Cherries With Rosemary

Need more ideas? These Stewed Cherries With Rosemary by Nathalie Fraise are the perfect filling for any pie! Cherries are stewed in bright and citrusy orange and lemon juice with fresh rosemary and vanilla bean. Try them in any of these cherry desserts for something truly unique!

Now get out there and start making some cherry pies and tarts because you have two days to celebrate!

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