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If you are a foodie or plant-based eater, you must try the Food Monster App! It has everything you need to live your best dietary-restricted life. Its collection of vegan and allergy-friendly recipes is the biggest database out there, but that’s not all it has! The app assists with meal planning, budgeting, nutrition, and food news for a yearly price of $19.99 (or $1.99 per month).

So why exactly should you be using the Food Monster App? We’re glad you asked!

1. Recipes Galore 

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Let’s cut to the chase. The Food Monster App is the largest collection of vegan, plant-based, and allergen-friendly recipes out there. With over 15,000 recipes, and new recipes published daily, you’ll never be wanting for kitchen ideas ever, ever again.

2. It’s Great For Cooks of All Levels

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No experience? No problem! We publish plenty of easy and low-ingredient recipes to satisfy the most casual of cooks. You can look specifically for recipes that have five ingredients or less perfect for foodies on the go, or patient teachers of the next generation of eaters.

3. Follow Your Favorite Bloggers 

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Keeping up with your favorite food bloggers is never easy… unless you have the Food Monster App! The app makes it easier than ever to follow the bloggers you know and love, with loads of options and notifications for seeing more of your favorite blogger’s work, finding out as soon as they publish, and commenting so they can hear your feedback!

4. Customize Your Dietary Preferences 

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We cater to a whole host of dietary preferences, from vegan and plant-based eating to cooking without gluten, soy, nuts and every allergy in-between. The app does all that and more with it’s unique dietary preference algorithm. Make sure you never see food you can’t eat ever again!

5. Connect With Fellow Foodies 

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Food Monster isn’t just an app, it’s a community. With the app, you can rate recipes, comment on your favorites, and engage with other users to figure out what insight they might have into the recipes provided. In our supportive community, we help one another figure out the best way to cook, ensuring that you’re not just a user, you’re part of a conversation!

6. See What’s Trending

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With our trending section, you can take the guesswork out of recipe selection, see what recipes are going viral, and see the ones that might be flying ever-so-slightly under the radar.

7. Meal Planning 

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Let’s be frank, we all try to plan out our meals for the week, ensuring we get the perfect amount of nutrition, but how often does it really happen? Truth is, meal planning is hard to do, and even harder to carry out. Luckily, the Food Monster App has you covered, with nutritional and calendar help to make sure your meals are planned, balanced, and above all, just the way you like them.

8. See What’s In Season 

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Recipes are the Food Monster App‘s bread and butter, but it can also help you shop for seasonal produce. In the ‘Seasonal’ section, you can view an extensive list of all produce in season, making the app as much of a companion in the grocery store as it is in the kitchen. Of course, there are recipes for all the seasonal produce as well. We couldn’t help ourselves.

9. Get All the News

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Being plant-based isn’t just for the dinner table. Most vegan and flexitarian eaters like to know what’s going on in the plant-based community, and the app publishes One Green Planet news content daily. If you’re interested in health news, food industry news, or breaking health studies, the Food Monster App makes everything a finger-tap away.

10. We Listen! 

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We have dedicated people working to answer any and all of your food and recipe questions in a timely manner. If you have a question that you and your fellow food monsters can’t solve, we are more than happy to hear from you with our easy-to-use contact page!

So what are you waiting for? Download the Food Monster App yourself and give it a spin. No need to pay for the premium version unless you decide you love it. Also, any food lover in your life will be more than happy to receive such a unique and useful gift. Even better, it would be an amazing gift for yourself!

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