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Food trucks are literally moving into cities and changing the dining scene. They are hip to eat at and highly eclectic with whimsical themes and slogans, but what is really wonderful about them is their food. We, here at One Green Planet, have found five vegan food trucks that have both fun styles and delicious food. When your stomach is growling and you’re in one of these cities, find a food truck! Check out these awesome examples we just love:

1. Hella Vegan Eats – San Francisco, CA

With their adorable feline mascot armed with two heads of corn, Hella Vegan Eats, is an amazing vegan San Francisco-based food truck that delivers on the cuteness and yumminess factor. Their mission is to discover, develop, and share their secrets to more sustainable ways of enjoying food. They cook up gluten-free, vegan Fish Tacos, Potsticker Burritos, and the delectable sounding Mini Strawberry Rhubarb CinnaRolls among numerous other dishes. Give their food a try, and you won’t be disappointed!

food truck 1

2. Green Radish – New York, NY

New York City is the location for this bright lime green mobile restaurant serving up chef James Rafferty’s mouthwatering food. Rafferty is a long time private chef, vegetarian (newly converted vegan), and cycling enthusiast who has worked in renowned kitchens of NYC and Europe. His edible creations include The Oozy-Grilled Cheese, Roasted Carrot-Ginger Soup, and three kinds of Donarts which are baked donut tart creations. How great do those sound!? Look for their truck and get yourself some seriously good grub — you can’t miss the happy green color!

food truck 2

3. Gmonkey – Durham, CT

Award-winning organic chef and holistic nutritionist Mark Shadle, along with his wife and co-founder, Ami Beach Shadle (the “The Detox Diva”), has founded the first vegan, eco-friendly food truck called Gmonkey in Durham, Conn., serving up scrumptious street food and strengthening their connection to their local farm and food growers. Their slogan is “farm 2 street” which pretty much sums up their philosophy. Their state‐of‐the‐art commercial kitchen‐on‐wheels is quite the hit in Conn. Fiesta Monkey Peanut and Soba Noodles, Downward Dog and Black Bean Burrito, Wild Jungle Peanut Butter Cup Shake, Award Winning Raw Fudge Truffles, and gluten-free Quinoa Salad are just some of the great varieties of organic, fresh foods that Gmonkey offers to their patrons.

food truck 3

4. The Vegan Yacht – Austin, TX

Organic, non-GMO, made-from-scratch, no microwaves, low or no salt added, distilled water, no chemicals (and a button to press that says it), so what more could you ask for from a food truck? The owners, Danielle and Mike, work diligently every day of the week to make vegan food, or as they call it, the only food that “improves and strengthens human health as well as the earth.” They do not cut corners on quality and strive to Support the earth. Their food ranges from gluten-free Freeto Pies to Seitan sandwiches, so step on over to their truck and order some scrumptious eats in Austin, Texas!

food truck 4

5. No Worries Filipino Vegan Cuisine – San Francisco, CA

Filipino vegan food seems like an oxymoron, but this food truck makes it possible! No Worries came from humble beginnings as an Oakland High School business proposal in 1998. Their food is based on traditional Filipino dishes, but Jay-Ar Isagani Pugao, a 15 year culinary extraordinaire of Filipino vegan food, has ultimately reinvented these dishes that he has grown up loving. His food features soy protein, wheat gluten, tofu, and seitan as meat substitutes along with a vast array of colorful and fresh vegetables. Their menu features items such as Pancit, Adobo, Lumpia — all Filipino favorites! The next time you find yourself in the Bay Area, try his appetizers, entrees, and desserts, all exported directly from the Philippines!

food truck 5

Food trucks are an exciting way to try new things and taste unique cuisine, so don’t be shy! Go check them out and see what you’re missing out on. Mobile kitchens are on the rise; don’t be left behind on the growing trend. The next time you’re in Calif., Texas, Conn., or N.Y., make one of your meals a mobile one.

Lead image source: Gmonkey