Product Review: Paperless Kitchen

Product: Paperless Kitchen Towels and Cloths

Items Reviewed: Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Towels, SKOY cloths


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About Paperless Kitchen: Paperless Kitchen was founded to help individuals, households, businesses and organizations adopt greener lifestyles and philosophies by offering alternatives to paper kitchen products. By choosing their reusable and sustainable products, Paperless Kitchen’s customers protect acres of forests, reduce the waste that ends up in landfills and reduce their overall environmental footprint.

SKOY biodegradable cloths are an absorbent, eco-friendly alternative to cleaning with paper towels. Rather than being formed from wood pulp that is sourced from the products of deforestation, the natural cloth fibers used in the production of SKOY products are sourced from natural cotton and cellulose pulp. These paper towel alternatives are free of chlorine and contain only water-based dyes, which are friendlier to the environment than chemical or oil-based colorants.

The One Green Planet Verdict: We tried two different types of reusable, compostable, and biodegradable towels from Paperless Kitchen, and are ready to give disposable paper towels the boot!

The Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Towels are thick, absorbent, and very durable.  Great for soaking up spills and messes, wiping down the counter, and even for dusting. Instead of throwing them in the garbage once they are used, just toss them in the washer. We washed ours in a separate load on a warm cycle and tossed them in the dryer, and they came out looking pretty much like new! With the capability of surviving 20 trips in the washer and lasting up to a week and a half, these reusable towels are definitely worth your money.

SKOY cloths are perfect for washing dishes or doing some cleaning around the house. They’re even strong enough to stand up to scrubbing carpet! Unlike sponges, these cloths do not harbor bacteria. One cloth can last you months, which is great since one cloth is equal to 15 paper towels when it comes to absorption!

To purchase this product, CLICK HERE!

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