A Chinese zookeeper was arrested recently after bragging on social media that the endangered birds he had been keeping “safe” were “too delicious” not to eat as he posted several photos of the dead animals online.

The zookeeper, who only goes by Mr. He on social media, is a panda caretaker the Bifengxia Panda Base in Yaan, located in the Sichuan province. On his social media account, he took several photos of the birds before plucking, skinning, and eating them, including photos of an eagle, falcon, and two bowls of skinned fowl along with the caption “This is too delicious.”


This is what not to do when breaking the law.



However, in this episode of survival of the fittest, karma bit the zoo keeper back when a local wildlife protection official, Liu Pan, spotted the images and shared the post, causing it to go viral and be reported to police. Mr. He was soon arrested and taken into custody. Darwinism at its finest.

“His acts constitute illegally keeping and killing animals protected under China’s wild animal conservation law,” Pan said, as reported by the Daily Mail.


According to the Daily Mail, police are investigating the incident and said that all species of eagle and falcon on the mainland are included on the national key protected wild animal list, making it illegal to hunt, kill, sell or purchase listed animals or their products.

All image source: CEN