Los Angeles may be known for the motion picture business, beaches, top-down driving and sunshine, but it’s more than just a quirky tourist destination. And it’s far more than a park of skyscrapers. This urban landscape is surprisingly very connected to the natural world, in a way that many cities are not.

One of the things that award-winning musician, DJ and activist Moby loves most about the wildlife in L.A. are the bees. He once was caught in a swarm of thousands of bees on his property, who calmly passed by him without doing harm. His land is packed with these little insects; one of his friends estimates he has 30,000 bees living on his property!


How You Can Help Bees

Bees are very important to our planet. They are directly responsible for pollinating one out of every three bites of food that we have. As Moby explains in the video, there are some ways you can help bees. Educate yourself about the disappearance of bees and their importance to us. Read up on the role of pesticide use in their disappearance and plant some flowers in your yard that bees enjoy. Every small step counts!