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It’s probably safe to say that the majority of people would not even consider saving a spider that was in danger, but there are a few brave souls that would … and do. One of them is Andrea Gofton, a compassionate woman in North Queensland, Australia. She recently uploaded a video to her Facebook page showing a gigantic tarantula hanging on to a branch for dear life as the floodwaters below him (or her) quickly rose.

Thank goodness Andrea, who is clearly an avid animal lover, noticed the spider and took action. Using a branch, she transported the arachnid to the safety on a dry patch of grass nearby. A simple act just like this can literally save an innocent life – big or small, furry or scaley, cute or not – it shouldn’t matter, all animals deserve respect and compassion. Most people, judging by the many comments on the video, would have left or even killed the spider, but we hope people like Andrea inspire them to reconsider!

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