Depending on where you live, seeing a spider every day might be pretty normal … but what you don’t see every day is someone willing to put their fear aside to help an arachnid in need. But, that’s exactly what a man did for his eight-legged houseguest after he noticed a wolf spider with his feet tangled in dust.

As shown in the recent video posted on the Daily Mail Facebook page, the man used a ruler to hold the dust and a knife to carefully cut it away. It’s actually incredible how steady his hands are while working on the spider, but what is even more amazing is how calm the spider is throughout the whole process! He even holds his feet out as if to say, “this one next.”


Wolf spiders can be found almost anywhere in the world. While they are poisonous, their venom is relatively harmless to humans unless you are allergic or vulnerable. Wolf spiders are also really fast and have a painful bite but are non-aggressive unless provoked. These ground-dwelling spiders can be beneficial to have around the house and garden to control insects. Additionally, they are solitary spiders so they are unlikely to infest a home, making them easy to catch and escort outside.

This sweet video is a wonderful reminder that all animals big or small, deserve respect and compassion. For most, this spider would have simply been killed but we challenge you to consider more humane options of dealing with unwanted houseguests when possible.

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