So many compassionate hearts came together to change the life of the sweet little poodle in this video, named Nobu. It all started when Hope for Paws received a text from a group of kids that found the abandoned pooch in their neighborhood. According to one of the children, they had previously contacted other rescues about the dog with no luck. Thankfully, they had seen Hope for Paws videos and knew, this is who we need to contact.

When Loretta and Eldad got to the location, the kids were patiently waiting with the dog. Sadly, it seemed the poor boy was too scared to even move. Luckily, Loretta could act fast and got a lucky leash around his neck.


Once back at the Hope for Paws facility, Nobu got the full spa treatment: tick removal, haircut, bath, cuddles, and a peaceful night’s rest. This boy turned into a handsome, regal looking poodle. In fact, he cleaned up so well, he found a forever home in no time! Smooch Pooch Rescue made sure he got a safe, happy, loving home that would never break his heart again. Don’t you just love happy endings?!

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