The social media selfie craze has spawned tens of thousands of gigabytes of pictures, months and months worth of video and dozens of crazy inventions like the selfie stick.

Even some guardians have gotten their pets in on the trend, snapping a video or picture of their animal friends doing something silly (or looking glamorous). The wild Mountain Gorilla in this video seems to be right on board with the selfie game.

When the curious gorilla discovers the camera set up in his forest home, he gets right to work. He might not know all the best tips and tricks to get the best selfie shot, but he sure is a natural stunner!

Unfortunately, this shot might be one of the last of the Mountain Gorilla as this species is quickly going extinction due to poaching and deforestation. To learn how you can help protect these animals and ensure there are more than selfies left of these animals, check out this article.