If you’ve ever contemplated if buying a pet from a store or adopting one from a shelter, let us explain why choosing to adopt wins every me. In the U.S., there are around 70 MILLION homeless animals, just waiting to be taken in and loved. Of those 70 million, only around eight million make it into shelters, where an even smaller percentage ever find a forever home. The sad reality is that shelters are strained for space and resources, so many a staggering 2.7 million healthy, adoptable cats and dogs are euthanized every year.

As animal lovers, we just can’t know this and not recognize how important it is to adopt. We assure you, the myths about shelter pets being “broken” or “overly unruly” are absolutely false. Every individual animal is unique and with the proper care and training, any animal can turn into the world’s best, best friend. To help dispel these silly myths, the Humane Society of Utah has launched an amazing photo booth campaign to help get some of their adoptable pups the much needed homes they deserve.

Photographer, Guinnevere Shuster, started photographing the Humane Society of Utah’s adoptable dogs in photo booth style about six months ago. 



Her photos showcase the goofy, playful side of these dogs that immediately make potential adopters fall in love.

The photo booth pictures have proven incredibly successful and many of the dogs have already been adopted!

The photos of the dogs are posted on the Humane Society of Utah’s Facebook page and include silly anecdotes and personality traits for the dogs.


Living in a crowded shelter with hundreds of other dogs can be overwhelming and when visitors come looking for pets, shelter dogs might appear frightened or shy even if that is not how they are normally.


These photos allow the pups to showcase their unique personalities, giving them a much higher chance of being adopted. Who wouldn’t want to adopt one of these lovable faces!



Lead image source: The Humane Society of Utah/Facebook