Pet homelessness is an enormous problem in the United States. The HSUS estimates that around 2.7 million adoptable cats and dogs are put down every year because shelters do not have the resources to house them. Despite the growing number of lovable animals waiting to be adopted into a forever home, many people still choose to shop for a “pure breed” pet.

There are many ways you can help to end pet homelessness, but if you are looking for a way to make a difference RIGHT NOW…look no further.

The New Zealand branch of Pedigree Adoption Drive has come up with an ingenious solution that allows dog and pet lovers all over the world to help support efforts to end pet homelessness, all without ever having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Sound too good to be true? Well…it gets better. The way Pedigree Adoption Drive plans to raise money to help these wonderful animals find homes is by making an adorable puppy video. If the video of these romping pups goes viral, YouTube has agreed to share the profits they make on advertising with New Zealand Adoption Drive. How cool is that!

The video already has over 170,000 hits on YouTube, but I am sure with a little help from animal lovers like you that number can be MUCH higher. Seriously, this is a win-win for everyone, so sit back and enjoy watching some playful puppies and know you helped do some good today! (Don’t forget to share it with your friends!)