Biologically speaking, dogs and foxes share a common ancient relative, but aside from this genetic tie, the similarities between these two animals are largely ignored. We think of dogs as domestic animals that share our homes and lifestyles, where foxes are wild, even “dangerous,” animals that we avoid at all costs.

While it is true that humans should avoid interacting with foxes, or any other wild animal for that matter, at all costs, our perception of foxes as being so different from our dogs has sadly led us to abuse and exploit them. For example, fox fur is used to make a variety of garments and hunting foxes for sport is popular in many parts of the world. Certainly, we would never do either of these things to our dogs, but because foxes are “different,” it is somehow justified.

The foxes in this video, however, don’t look all that different from our playful pups, in our view.

These fox kits came across a tennis ball and immediately start playing with it! Jumping up and down and chasing it as it rolls, these foxes look exactly as delighted to play with the ball as any dog would!

So, while foxes are indeed wild animals, perhaps they’re not so “different” from our domestic animals as we would like to think.