Washington state voters will vote on I-522, the state’s GMO labeling initiative, in less than a week, so some food companies are pouring in last minute donations to prevent it from passing.


In the last week, the No on 522 campaign received an additional $4.2 million, bringing its total funds to almost $22 million. On the other hand, supporters of the initiative have raised only $6.8 million.

But the story here is about which companies are for GMO labeling and which companies are against it. Because even if you believe GMOs are safe — something many experts and studies do not support — don’t you think people have a right to know if genetically modified ingredients are in their foods?

The fact that companies want to keep consumers in the dark doesn’t seem right. So ask yourself, do I want to support companies who don’t want to be honest about their ingredients?

If you don’t, check out the companies who are fighting 1-522 and don’t buy their products. Also, look at the companies who are supporting 1-522 and buy from these companies.


Infographic by The Cornucopia Institute (PDF).

The Huffington Post also lists the companies that are against the initiative with the amounts they donated and their brands, so you can choose other items if you don’t want to support these companies.

Some reasons why some companies are against labeling GMOs:


  • They say studies show they are safe for human consumption.
  • They say GMO labeling would raise costs significantly for consumers.
  • They say people will think products with GMO labeling are bad and not buy them.
  • GMO ingredients — two common ones are corn and soy — are often cheaper than non-GMO options.

Previously, we reported on a secret list of companies against GMO labeling in Washington that has been revealed.

Will you boycott companies against GMOs?


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