If you’re anything like us, the majority of your time on the Internet is spent looking at animal videos. And, just when you think you’ve seen the cutest thing ever, along comes this video of a kangaroo cuddling with her rescuer! It’s almost too much to take – this kangaroo is eating it up! In a world full of hate, despair, and suffering, sometimes this is all we need to bring our sanity back.

Our Haven Wildlife Shelter was unintentionally founded by Theresa and Tony Matthews in Golden Beach, Victoria. As Theresa puts it, “This was not planned, the wildlife found us.” Now, it is their mission to rescue and rehabilitate wild animals in need, most notably orphaned joeys. As you can imagine, providing the necessary care for wild animals can get costly — petrol, formulas, hard feed, vet bills, medication, X-rays, and pathology costs. The rescue is also raising money to purchase land in a safe setting where they can release them back into the wild and still monitor them.


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