The kangaroo stuck in deep mud on the outskirts of Sydney was extremely lucky to get spotted by two teenagers who quickly sprung into action. The 19-year-olds, Jack Donnelly and Nick Heath, were riding their motorbikes through the bush at Agnes Banks near the Nepean River when they noticed something really unusual – the head of the animal that was stuck up to his neck in the mud. The kangaroo was growling and grunting, clearly distressed by the terrible trap he found himself in. Fortunately, the two teenagers proved to be his new best friends and did everything to get the animal out of the mud.

Not being able to reach the roo, they rushed home and got a long piece of rope. Nick tied the rope around his waist, got hold of the animal, and was then pulled back in by his friend, Kerry Reynolds, Jack’s grandmother, told

According to Ms. Reynolds, dry conditions in the area have made some animals quite desperate and the kangaroo might have gone into the mud flats in an attempt to find water.

The young rescuers are very proud of what they did and even gave the roo a name – Lucas.


After rescue, the animal was taken into the care of WIRES Australian Wildlife Rescue Organisation. The WIRES team believes that the roo had been trapped in the mud for some time. He is now suffering from dehydration which made the vets worry about the animal’s kidneys and whether they would cope with the lack of water. However, the team now believes that the kangaroo will luckily “pull through.”

“The roo’s life was important to us so we went out on an arm and leg and got it,” Nick said about the rescue.

The kangaroo’s search for water could have ended tragically, but, fortunately, he was found by just the right people who were determined to help him. Now, he will hopefully recover quickly and soon be able to return to his home – and, ideally, steer clear of mud.

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