one green planet
one green planet

The innate bond of a family is one of the most important relationships we will ever experience. It offers us a forever spot in a world that can sometimes be unforgiving, a place to go where we are understood and loved. Even when we grow up, move away, and start a family of our own, there will be times of celebration that will bring the family back together, even if only for a short time.

Then, there are the numerous other types of families on the planet. Think about it — humans are not the only living creatures on Earth with the capacity to love and care for family members.

Watch this video, courtesy of the Wildlife Conservation Society, as it tells the tale of one elephant’s experience as the matriarch leading her family through this crazy thing called life. From being captured for entertainment to being poached for the illegal ivory trade, the survival of wild elephants is so incredibly crucial right now.

As humans, we must help to protect this beautiful species before it’s too late.

Image source: Caroline Granycome/Flickr