WATCH: A Bad Ass Dog Shows Off His Mad Parkour Skills

No, this is not a funny dog video; it’s kinda equal parts awesome and disturbing actually. Tret, the Super Dog not only shows of his hardcore parkour skills in this video, but also simultaneously makes every human who has excelled at parkour look like a sad, pathetic amateur.

Yes, this American Staffordshire Terrier has some mad skills and he has some awesome style to go along with it. There are apparently no camera tricks involved here and his human companion (or trainer, if you choose to call him that) has trained this magical pooch to scale walls, leap across things and spill some gravity-defying awesomesauce all over the place.

Gawker reports that Tret’s Ukrainian trainer promises to reveal his secrets to the world “in the nearest future” through the website

We wait patiently, with our jaws on the floor.

Just watch it already!