At war, soldiers are required to think up innovative solutions when faced with complex problems. After all, when it comes to war, you can only go so far with planning ahead. Where a regular person may see an impossible obstacle, a soldier sees an opportunity to think outside the box – an ideology that stays with them even when they’re done with their tour.

Take U.S. Army veteran, Jason Galvin, for example. The former solider recently stumbled upon a bald eagle helplessly dangling from a tree. He wasn’t the first one to spot the bird  – passersby had already called the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the local police and fire departments. However, the agencies felt they could not do anything because of how high the bird was on the tree.


Galvin estimated that the bird was about 75 feet off the ground and had been there for a couple of days. It was clear that the bird had gotten tangled in some kind of rope. 

Seeing that the agencies wouldn’t be able to get the bird, Galvin decided to take matters into his own hands. His creative solution? Shooting the tree’s branches until the one holding the bird broke off. 

90 minutes and 150 shots later, Galvin finally got the “right shot.” The branch and the attached bird tumbled to the ground. Thankfully, there was an underbrush that broke the bird’s fall. 

The young eagle, named Freedom by Galvin and neighbors, was immediately taken to University of Minnesota Raptor Center, a rehabilitation center that specializes in medical care for eagles and other large birds, where he’s recovering.  

As Galvin told the Daily Mail, the eagle’s rescue was an emotional experience. “When it finally came down, it was breathtaking. It was a beautiful moment,” shared Galvin. 



While normally the best course of action when stumbling upon an injured wild animal is to call for professional help, in this case, we’re sure glad this army veteran was around to help! Had he not interjected, this bald eagle, a beautiful bird, an icon of strength for the U.S., would have died an unfortunate death. We applaud his quick and innovative thinking!

All Images Source: The Daily Mail