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So far, 2017 has been a big year for the Impossible Burger, also known as “the burger that bleeds.” Earlier this year, the meat-free patty had meat-eaters, vegans, and vegetarians lining up outside of Momofuku Nishi in hopes of getting a taste of its hyper-realistic goodness. The popularity of the burger led to it being added to three additional New York locations. Since the burger’s debut in 2016, it has also been featured on the menus of several California-based restaurants. This was great news for foodies in New York in California (and for anyone willing to travel for food), but for anyone not in the surrounding area, there was no easy way to satisfy their burger-curiosity … until now.

According to Mic, the Impossible Burger is soon going to make its debut at several locations across the United States in the organic burger joint, Bareburger. The Impossible Burger will be served on a brioche bun with stout onions, dill pickles, cheese, and the chain’s “special sauce,” but if you are avoiding dairy, the chain allows you to customize your toppings.

Oh, and did we mention that the burger will be served “medium-rare”? If you’ve never heard of the Impossible Burger until now, there is a reason that people are calling it “the burger that bleeds.” Developed by plant-based food company Impossible Foods, the Impossible Burger patty is made from textured wheat protein, potato protein, coconut oil, and heme, an iron-rich compound that gives the burger its realistic, meaty flavor. These ingredients create a burger that sears like a beef patty, right down to the crispy, browned exterior and juicy pink interior.

While the burger is on the menu of several high-end restaurants, this will be the first time ever that it is available in a chain. The burger will first be making its debut at the downtown NYC Bareburger location March 2nd, 2017, followed by other New York locations. After this, the burger will be available at other Bareburger restaurants.

Given the burger’s meat-like texture and flavor, it’s no wonder it’s been called the “future of food.” With more people choosing to leave meat off the menu due to health and environmental concerns, innovative plant-based options are swooping in to fill that demand. This is great news considering global demands for protein are at an all-time high and only stand to grow with the population – sadly, this is coming largely at great cost to the environment and animals. Providing hearty and healthy plant-based protein alternatives in a chain venue, like Bareburger means that more people can have access to options that are better for them and the planet as well. It certainly seems like the times are changing — and the future of food is, no doubt, vegan.

Lead image source: Bareburger