The Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary, located in Scio, OR, is in urgent need of funds to prevent foreclosure on its mortgage.

The sanctuary’s founding was inspired by a lighthouse on Oregon’s Yaquina Head, built in 1872. According to local lore: “The beam of the lantern was concentrated through the Fresnel lens and the strong, focused beam guided those in need to the protection of safe harbor afforded by Yaquina Bay in Newport, therefore preventing disaster and the loss of life.” In honor of this history, the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary was established in 2002, “to guide animals in need to the safety of calm waters.”



It is now home to over 100 cows, pigs, llamas, goats, chickens, turkeys, horses, rabbits and geese – all of whom will be left without a home if the sanctuary is forced to shut down. Speaking to, Paula Fordham, treasurer of the sanctuary, said, “The reality of it is, there are no places for these animals to go.”



Until recently, founder and executive director Wayne Geiger was in charge of the financial affairs of the sanctuary. Fordham explained, “It was Wayne’s job to write grant applications and find funds, and he wasn’t doing that. He made choices that were not always in the best interests of the animals, and it’s left us in this position.” He has since been asked to resign from his position.

The sanctuary is now $6,000 behind on its mortgage payments, and the mortgage holder can demand payment of the entire amount – $325,000 – in a month. Fordham said: “Part of the problem is that $90,000 of it, which had a balloon payment, was due previously, and I’m sure the mortgage holder is tired of being strung along. I want the public to know that stops now, and that we’re all committed to the sanctuary’s success. All of us have used our own money to pay for veterinary care for some of these animals.”

Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary is committed to providing a safe haven for these farm animals,  many of whom have come from abuse past situations, and without the help of others, they will not longer be able to care for these worthy creatures. All animals deserve the chance to lead a life free from the threat of harm or exploitation, and this is something that only farm sanctuaries like Lighthouse can give farmed animals.


At the time of writing, the sanctuary has managed to raise $16,103 but is still far off from their goal of $325,000. You can help them by donating here, on their YouCaring fundraising page.

All image source: Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary/Facebook