Hazel, the formerly abused goat, is in the wonderful care of The Gentle Barn Missouri, where she is learning to trust again. Several other animals that lived on the property Hazel was rescued from were attacked by a stray dog, and it was only a matter of time before he came back again. Thank goodness, Hazel, and the remaining animals were rescued and placed in safe, loving sanctuaries. Hazel took all the emotional distress really hard but is slowly making progress and clearly wants to be loved.

It took a couple of weeks but the sweet goat finally asked to be pet, a big step for such a sweet girl that has been through so much trauma!

The Gentle Barn Missouri is helping this beautiful soul learn to trust again and we can’t wait to see her progress in the coming weeks!

The Gentle Barn Missouri is all about showing kindness and compassion to animals and children in need. The organization saves animals that are the victims of abuse and neglect and provides them with a safe, permanent place to call home. Additionally, they also help people, especially at-risk youth, to reconnect with animals and nature in order to promote a reverence for all life.

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