Tiny Tim the kitten was only about a week old when he was slotted for euthanasia. But, thanks to the kindhearted humans at Friends of the Horry County Animal Care Center in South Carolina, he, along with his siblings, were rescued!

What rescuers didn’t realize at first but soon become apparent was that Tiny Tim’s back legs were paralyzed. While this didn’t stop the little cutie from zipping across the floor with his brothers and sisters, a lifetime of dragging his legs behind him could lead to future medical concerns. Lucky for him, the magic of 3D printing has made it possible to fit Tiny Tim with a pint-sized wheelchair.


It didn’t take long for rescuers to realize that Tiny Tim’s back legs were paralyzed, but that never got him down.

Fitted with a kitten-sized diaper, nothing could stop him from having free reign of the house … but that was only temporary.

Tiny Tim’s stylish little wheelchair was made possible thanks to 3D printing. Yay!

Look at that face! He’s just too cute!

“Nothing can stop me meow!”



Special needs animals like Tiny Tim are often destined for euthanasia due to the preconceived notion that they’re unwanted. But who could ever look at this little kitten’s adorable face and think that? We think it’s amazing how far Tiny Tim’s rescuers were willing to go to ensure that he has a happy and healthy life. Click here to learn about some awesome rescues that are dedicated to saving special needs animals like Tiny Tim.

All image source Subproto/Facebook