Heart be still! Watching this sweet piglet being bottle-fed by Marisol from Santuario Igualdad is everything that is good in the world! The piglet named Susie is only about a week old but has already been through so much. She escaped the confines of a factory farm and ran for her life, injuring her leg in the process.

Thankfully, this precious baby was found by a compassionate soul and her journey to the sanctuary began. Now, she is safe, loved, and receiving the best care possible. It warms our hearts to see her getting the treatment she deserves. It’s so peaceful and therapeutic just watching her drift off to sleep with no fears and no suffering. It’s such a stark difference from what so many of her species experience day after day on factory farms across the globe.


Susie serves as a beacon of hope for all the animals suffering the cruelty, abuse, and imminent death associated with factory farms. She will grow up and live a life that these intelligent, social, and innocent beings only dream of. We must continue to fight for them until their dreams become reality.

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