This TikTok creator shares lymphatic drainage massage techniques to help clear up acne and decrease puffiness in the face.

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Kali starts by activating the lymph nodes in the stomach. She takes four deep breaths, putting resistance on her stomach during the inhale. Kali repeats this step on the top, center, left, and right sides of the belly. Next, she activates the lymph nodes in the armpits. Using the palm of her hand, she gently massages the area. Lastly, she moves onto her face. Using the palms of your hands, start at your forehead, applying light pressure on the skin, pushing the lymph nodes downwards in your neck. Repeat this movement down your face.

The lymphatic system is made up of an incredibly complicated network of vessels, hundreds of nodes, and glands. This entire system helps filter toxins and waste from your bloodstream and body. Lymphatic massage plays an integral role in keeping the lymphatic system healthy and flowing and can even help break up stubborn buildup areas.

You can find this TikTok creator on Instagram @thekalilife for more wellness tips!

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