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Sadly, wild animals like tigers are often captured from their native habitats and forced into a life of abuse and neglect at circuses and zoos.  One of these venues that uses tigers for “entertainment” is ShowMe Tigers, a business run by Ryan Easley that “trains” tigers and provides them to traveling circuses across America.

Undercover investigations led by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) have revealed the treatment these tigers experience at the hands of Easley. A petition on Care2 describes the abuse these beautiful tigers have endured, including being whipped repeatedly to the point of leaving open wounds, which did not receive medical treatment. These majestic wild cats have been seen cowering in fear at the sight of Easley, evidence that they have been physically abused by him.

According to reports, the tigers are kept in tiny four foot by six foot and two 500-pound tigers were forced to share a cage. Additionally, the animals were not given food five out of the twenty-two days that HSUS investigators went undercover.

If you hate to see tigers treated this way, please take a moment to sign this petition addressed to the USDA and ShowMe Tigers voicing your concern and demanding that the USDA prosecute these acts of animal cruelty and neglect. Please share this with your network as a reminder why we should never Support circuses and other businesses that abuse and exploit animals!

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