As Green Monsters, it can be hard to understand how some people can enact horrible forms of cruelty on animals. While no animal is deserving of abuse, it can be especially difficult to comprehend how a person can abuse domestic animals, like dogs and cats. But sadly, this sort of abuse occurs all the time.

Thankfully, there are organizations like Animal Rescue Corp (ARC) that exist with the express purpose of saving animals from neglectful situations. ARC recently responded to one such case in Manchester, Tennessee, where they witnessed some of the most extreme forms of abuse ever.

A total of 85 dogs and four cats were rescued in ARC’s “Operation Midnight” from deplorable conditions in what appeared to be an extreme animal hoarding case.

It was blatantly obvious that the animals had never received proper care or any form of medical treatment.

The property owner surrendered the animals to the police and ARC. Perhaps the one act of kindness they ever showed to these animals.

A wide variety of dogs were living in cages that were so rusted they couldn’t even open. 

Many animals were found in critical condition and sadly, at least 10 deceased dogs were discovered.

They were severely emaciated and all were covered with matted fur and their own waste.

These poor animals had all but given up their will to live. Thankfully, life was about to drastically improve for them.

Once in the care of rescuers, the dogs rushed for emergency medical care.

Many probably received what would be their first bath, ever.

It took a total of 12 hours to get all the dogs to safety.

Once all the dogs are clean and in stable medical condition, they will be ready for adoption. After years of neglect and abuse, these 85 dogs and four cats finally get to know what it’s like to be loved and cared for!

A big thank you to all the kind people who made this enormous rescue possible!


They were severely emaciated and all were covered with matted fur and their own waste.


All image source: ARC