Typically, it’s our feline companions we have to worry about in water. Even though most of them can swim just fine, many absolutely abhor getting wet (with some exceptions like adorable cat Neo).

The majority of dogs, on the other hand, love to frolic in almost any type of watery environment from oceans to swimming pools and everything in-between. They could spend hours splashing around, wagging their soaked tails in bliss – a sight that always puts a smile on our faces here at OGP.

Yet, when we discovered the video below of a lone dog who loves being in a swimming pool but doesn’t actually swim, we watched him in confused amazement with our heads tilted just slightly to the side. But in no time, our puzzled expressions changed into smiles and soon, laughter. We’re impressed (and amused) by this dog’s steadfastness. Even when it appears that his canine companions are cheering him on, the pooch stays committed to his stand-still position (with just a few occasional turns).

Perhaps he’s waiting for a good pal to join him. Or maybe he’s contemplating the complexity of the universe. Whatever he’s doing, we love it and couldn’t look away. Hit “play” to see what we mean and let this cute dog capture your heart, too.

Image source: KOMUNews / Flickr