As avid cat lovers, we must say we know a thing or two about cats – and Tribble the cat in this video has got one of the most unique purrs we’ve ever heard. Seriously, he sounds like a toy car! But this nearly nine-year-old cat is way more than just a cute purr machine. He also comes with a long story that shows why you should give an older feline a chance.

Tribble was taken in by two different guardians prior to finding his forever home. He lived with his first companion for three years before they suddenly passed away, and he was again returned to the shelter.  Tribble’s next home had four children who terrorized him. After Tribble lost his patience and acted out, he was promptly returned to the shelter – just for protecting himself.


Fortunately, Tribble’s new forever home is calm and he gets along great with his new sister turtle. His new favorite activities are eating treats and purring loudly with the slightest bit of attention.

This sweet kitty may have hit a few bumps along his road to happiness, but it ultimately ended in success! There are a ton of older cats just like Tribble that spend months in shelters waiting for someone like you. Remember, kittens are great, but older cats can be just as awesome once you give them a chance. So save a life and consider adopting an older cat today!