Most people do not recognize how much cruelty is actually associated with the dairy industry. Having been told that cows need to be milked by humans for their own benefit, we often overlook the reality of what the life of a dairy cow is like. First and foremost, cows produce milk after they have given birth, so if there is a calf to drink the mother’s milk, there really is no reason that a human should have to milk a cow … ever. But, the goal of the dairy industry is to produce milk for human consumption which does not bode well for dairy calves.

Pearl and Merle are two such dairy calves who were destined for slaughter shortly after their birth. Thankfully, Edgar’s Mission Farm Animal Sanctuary rescued these two young calves from this sad fate.


According to Edgar’s, only a quarter of all dairy calves become herd replacements. The others are considered “waste” and are usually sold to become veal.

Pearl and Merle were only a few days old when they were taken away from their mothers. Dairy calves can be transported to become veal as soon as five days old.

At Edgar’s, Pearl and Merle will be able to grow up and become happy adult cows in their own right.

Cows are incredibly social and emotion beings. It is very likely these two will grow up to be best friends.

Edgar’s believes that every animal should be seen as an individual who deserve love and respect, just like any person.

Seeing the sweet faces of these two, it is hard to imagine that anyone would want to do them harm.

The motto of Edgar’s Mission is “If we could live happy and healthy lives without harming others … why wouldn’t we?”

Luckily, we can all help to end the cruelty of the dairy industry by choosing dairy-free alternatives instead. Who could be more deserving of their mother’s milk than these two little friends?


All image source: Edgar’s Mission