Fall is quite possibly the best season of the year. Bundling up in warm sweaters and inhale the slightly brisk air, getting to venture outside and observe golden leaves falling to the ground, thousands of pumpkin patches just asking to be picked! We all love welcoming the fall, and –of course – so do piggies!

This year at the Farm Sanctuary, mama pig, Julia, her piglets, and a few family friends were all invited to spend a day romping like children in piles of leaves. The cute little piggies are so excited, they completely ditch the idea of carving pumpkins and eat them instead!


Julia the pig was abused in a factory pig farm before she could even dream of having this much fun. Luckily, Julia was given a second chance thanks to her rescuers, and she now thrives with her piglets and best friends at the sanctuary. With a happy oink, Julia wants to wish all of her supporters a wonderful fall, and of course … a Happy Halloween!