Far too often, once beloved four-legged family members are dumped at animal shelters, left to live out each day in a kennel until another loving family is willing to fully accept pet parent responsibilities. Though animal shelters (especially kill-shelters) are far from a good option when somebody realizes they can no longer care for a pet, it’s at least better than dumping an animal on the side of the road or – worse – a landfill.

Millie and Shadow got the short end of the stick when their guardian dumped them, like trash, at a landfill. The two dogs were found hiding under semi-trucks by rescuers from Hope For Paws. Hope for Paws is an organization who specializes in animal rescue, fostering systems, and the adoption of abandoned pets.

Though both dogs (especially Shadow) were timid upon their rescue, they each found a way to trust humans once again. Now, both are happy and energetic pooches who love playing in dog parks and interacting with humans as much as possible.