Alongside dogs and cats, horses have long been humans’ reliable faithful companions. Horses have been essential in the construction of modern society, leading to serious advancements in transportation, agriculture, and combat, and their sensitive expressive nature has won the hearts of anyone who has looked into their warm eyes. Sadly, this closeness horses have with humans has led to the exploitation and rampant abuse of the animals, including at Texas A&M University-Commerce (TAMUC).

According to a petition on Care2 written by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), a horse by the name of Tina was brutally shot to death after being impregnated when she was suffering from a severe case of painful laminitis. Her foal was removed from her body and used for “educational” purposes at the school. Reports showed that Tina’s laminitis had been neglected for so long that the pedal bones in her feet had “rotated through the soles of her feet,” causing “debilitating pain.” It was also established Tina was not healthy enough to be impregnated.

Additionally, TAMUC  has been known to sell horses online and send them to auctions, where their destiny is an almost-certain trip to Canada or Mexico to be slaughtered. (The U.S. does not have horse slaughterhouses.)

If you love horses and are saddened by TAMUC’s treatment of them, please take a moment to sign this petition addressed to the university asking them two things: to instate a zero-tolerance policy for neglect and abuse of their horses, and to stop selling horses online and at auctions, where they are almost always purchased to be slaughtered.

As one of humans’ closest friends and allies, horses deserve a better fate than this, and they need your help. Please help get the word out about the abuse of horses and the cruelty of horse auctions, and share this with friends. Many people have no idea these majestic creatures endure such tragedy, and it is up to dedicated animal lovers like you to be the voice for the voiceless.


Image Source: Jacob Meckler/Shutterstock