Now, more Americans than ever  have a chance to own their very own electric car – and a Tesla, no less! CEO Elon Musk unveiled the mass-market Model 3 which will cost $35,000. After tax credits, it will likely be even cheaper. Since the announcement, Telsa has received more than 134,000 reservations. Musk expects to begin deliveries by 2017.

Justin Pritchard/Associated Press

This is incredible news, considering that, in the United States, the EPA ranks passenger cars as the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation section. Unfortunately, full-out electric cars, are out of the price range for many families, usually starting, at the lowest, at $75,000. With the expensive price tag, it’s no secret why someone might opt for a car that runs on gas, especially when the price of oil is down.

Now, people no longer have to make that choice. For a payment of $1000, you can reserve your very own Model 3 today and start making conscious choices for our planet! To watch the big reveal, click here.

Image Source: Tesla