It seems that affordable electric cars could soon become a reality, and Tesla is leading the way. The automotive company recently announced that the first photos of their Model 3 all-electric sedan would be released in March 2016 and that it’s slated to be available at the mid-ranged price of $35,000. However, previous Tesla models have been given a Government tax credit of $7,500, so it may technically be even cheaper than that.

This is great news, considering that, in the United States, the EPA ranks passenger cars as the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions in the transportation section. Electric cars, while better for the environment, are out of the price range for many families, and the current cost of oil and gasoline is down. The current cost of a Tesla Model S comes in at a starting price of $75,000, making it better for the environment, but bad for our wallets. The promise of an affordable version of the automotive company could change the game entirely.

Details surrounding the Model 3 are not readily available – we would also be interested to know if they’ll offer a non-leather/vegan version of this make – but we certainly hope that this is the first step in the right direction to more efficient and sustainable automobile choices.