Billy the elephant has spent the past thirty years living in isolation at the Los Angeles Zoo. The elderly elephant exhibits many signs of zoochosis, a serious psychological disorder commonly found in captive wild animals. According to a petition on Care2, Billy has been seen swaying, rocking side to side, and bobbing his head compulsively for years. Witnesses describe him as appearing incredibly stressed and depressed.

The petition states public protests and a lawsuit have forced the zoo to create a new facility for Billy. However, witnesses say Billy is still being kept in a tiny enclosure on the new facilities, and he doesn’t seem to be doing well. Elephants are highly social creatures with deep-rooted family bonds. Keeping Billy in isolation away from other elephants is nothing but cruel. Additionally, Billy does not get the appropriate daily exercise elephants need to maintain good health.

Many people have been fighting to release Billy from his dismal fate, including celebrities Bob Barker, Cher, and Lily Tomlin, who donated $1.5 million to relocate him. However, the L.A. Zoo still refuses to let the elephant go.

Currently there are two elephant sanctuaries in the United States – PAWS ARK 2000 in Northern California and The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee. If you want to see beautiful Billy living the remainder of his life freely at one of these sanctuaries, please take a moment to sign this petition demanding he be relocated. And please remember to share with friends and remind them to not support zoos or other tourist attractions that neglect animals and exploit them for profit.


Image Source: Billy the Elephant/Facebook