Sometimes all it takes is one person to make a huge difference in an animal’s life. We’ve seen amazing examples like the woman who started a shelter for over 100 dogs, the man who brings 3,000 gallons of water to drought-stricken animals in Kenya every single day – and now we have another inspiring rescue story to share with you.

Back in November 2013, a kind woman in Thailand spotted a dog lying behind a building.  The poor dog had been brutally stabbed and was bleeding everywhere. It seemed like he crawled into the corner to die.

An Animal Rescue Officer brought Hero, the dog, to Soi Dog Foundation for help. The dog’s legs were so badly swollen that vets struggled to even take a blood sample. 

To make matters worse, the knife wounds were infested with maggots and he had septicemia, an infection of the blood also known as blood poisoning. Despite all of this, Hero ate a whole can of dog food in seconds. He wanted to live. 

Hero was diagnosed with blood parasites and mange. With treatment, he began to transform slowly. His fur began to grow back and he gained weight. He got regular 1.5-hour body scrubs to remove dead skin and matted fur. 

Months later, Hero’s story captured the heart of a woman named Sissy in the U.S. “I just knew I had to have him,” she said. In March of 2014, Hero flew to his forever home with Sissy.

Look at Hero now! He spends his days with five brothers and sisters who are also rescue dogs. He loves to go for walks, play outside, and roll around in the mud after a bath. 

Sissy says Hero is very well-mannered and gentle, especially with her grandchildren.

“Hero always has to have a blanket when he is sleeping. Sometimes he will lie down and then he will bark at me until I come wrap him up in a blanket and tuck him into bed.”


We are so thankful to see Hero thriving in his forever home, exactly where he should be!

If you would like to help other dogs like Hero, please donate to Soi Dog Foundation so they can continue their life-saving work. For more information on how you can get involved saving animals, click here.

Image Source: Soi Dog Foundation/Facebook