Animal Aid Unlimited, a rescue center, hospital, and sanctuary for injured and ill street animals in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, provides care for thousands of hurt and sick animals each year, even those who would otherwise be left for dead or euthanized. There is no case too big for these individuals to take on, and the story of Missy, a street dog with a massive cancerous tumor illustrates just that.

Missy was found hiding under a car with a giant tumor that was clearly causing her a lot of pain.

Rescuers attempted to lure her out with treats, but the fearful dog was wary.

Distrustful of humans, she ran away to safety.

Luckily, the professionals were able to catch Missy and get her to the Animal Aid hospital.

Missy was given chemotherapy for four months to kill the tumor that had grown so large.

Now, Missy is happy, healthy, and living the life she deserves.

And she loves her rescuers for saving her life.

Look at Missy Now!




What these volunteers did for Missy is a pretty incredible feat. Having no idea whether or not Missy would even beat her cancer, these rescuers did everything in their power to save her, all because she showed a will to survive. You can help this amazing organization continue to show the world that every life is worth saving by visiting their website and contributing to their work. Visit Animal Aid Unlimited here.

All image source: Animal Aid Unlimited