Ol Boy wasn’t in good shape when two kindhearted people found him on the streets. This dog was in his last days of life, but his rescuers figured the least they could do was to give him a more comforting place to rest as he died, and then, a proper cremation and memorial.

Having never known the comfort of a warm and loving home, Ol Boy survived on whatever water he could find and food scraps from storefront owners. When the people found this dog, he was lying in his own excrement and clearly in pain. This poor dog suffered from many problems, including ticks, rotting teeth, infections fever and possibly cancer.


The kind people brought him home to make his wish come true, to finally be loved and cared for. They even held a vigil in his final hours. After the dog had passed, they covered him in flowers, cremated the body and spread his ashes near the ocean.

May you rest in peace, Ol Boy.