You know what the bumper sticker says: “who rescued who?” It’s a phrase that has become ubiquitous with encouraging adoption over shopping for pets. It may be kind of cheesy, it stands by something that we could never discourage — and a lot of times, it’s true. Our companion animals have the amazing ability to heal us when we are at our worst with their unconditional love. If it ever seems like they seem to be in tune with our emotions when we’re down, it’s because they are — dogs are so aware of our emotions that therapy dogs are used anywhere from hospitals and assisted living facilities to stress-busting sessions for university students around exam time.

Sometimes, we find our life-saving animal angel in a shelter but other times, their debut into our lives is completely unplanned. The latter is exactly what happened to James Bowen in 2007.  When Bowen first found Bob the cat, he was nothing more than a stray who had been living outside of his assisted living building in London. Bowen started giving him fresh food and water and after three days, Bob was living in Bowen’s apartment. It was then that he noticed that the homeless kitty was suffering from an abscess on his leg.


Even though Bowen’s current situation was less than ideal, when he learned that Bob was injured, he brought him to the vet. They two have been inseparable ever since.

Bowen credits Bob’s trust with helping him recover from addiction and helping him get his life together. In 2012, he published a book called A Streetcat Named Bob that tells their story.

Not only did Bowen publish a book, a movie based on their story is set to release in 2017. Here, Bob provides much-needed morale on the stressful movie set.





From drug addiction and the risk of homelessness, the story of Bowen and Bob is certainly inspiring — and the success of his book reflected that. A Streetcat Named Bob spent two years on the UK Top 10 Bestseller list and Bowen built upon its success by writing multiple spin-offs. We think that this just goes to show you how well the story of a cat who saved his humans resonated with others. It seems like these two were made to be together.

All image source: Alys Tomlinson/Daily Mail UK