Well now, this is neat! U.S.-based vegan start-up, Canvas is planning to launch their first barley milk beverage product in Fall of 2017 and here’s the kicker: the company is making dairy-free milk out of the waste from beer. That’s right! Milk from beer.

The starch from the barley grain goes into the beer during the brewing process and the leftover fiber and plant-based protein is referred to as “spent grain.” Around eight billion of pounds of these spent grains are produced around the world every year, according to Canvas. Since “spent grain” is highly perishable, breweries are often left without a way to use the grain. Until now … thanks to Canvas, all those pounds of unused grain won’t go to waste.

“Our goal is to turn as much spent grain into ‘saved grain’ as possible to expand access to better nutrition for everyone,” Canvas co-founder Sarah Pool told media outlet Foodnavigator. We are certainly all for sustainable plant-based products!


It took the startup’s food scientists a year to develop a fermentation process to save the grain, but their hard work paid off. Just this week, Canvas closed their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter with staggering success: the company almost doubled their initial goal of $25,000, bringing in $46,724 for this genius idea.

Each bottle will offer balanced nourishment, with dietary fiber (11 to 15 grams per bottle) and 11 grams of complete plant-protein. This awesome beverage will come in five flavors: Original, Cocoa, Cold Brew Latte, Matcha, and Turmeric Chai.

The plant-based and dairy-free alternative sectors have been seeing a ripple-effect over the last few years that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. In fact, plant-based milk is set to reach $16.3 billion in 2018. Almond milk may be an almost billion dollar industry, but almonds aren’t the only player in the dairy-free milk game. Pea protein milk has taken off, offering eight times the protein of almond milk50 percent more calcium than dairy milk, and a third of the saturated fat. And now it seems like barely may be the new plant-based protein option for the milk industry to contend with.

We can’t wait for Canvas’ barley milk to hit shelves this Fall so we can give it a try! To learn more about rising trends in the plant-based food space, check out One Green Planet’s Future of Food.

Image source: Canvas