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Happy Dog Breed Independence to all the South Dakota pups out there! Today marks the first day in South Dakota where Breed Specific Legislation will no longer be tolerated by municipalities within the state.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Breed Specific Legislation (BSL), there is a set of laws that prohibit pet guardians from having certain breeds of dogs – mainly pit bulls or other breeds confused with pit bulls are the victims of this sort of legislation. These breeds of dogs have gotten a bad reputation for being overly aggressive or in someway a threat to public safety, leading to incredible injustice and inappropriate fears that have been assigned to these dogs.

Pit bulls and other breeds similar to pit’s are the targets of cruel humans who abuse the dog’s natural sense of loyalty and desire to please by turning them into fighting dogs who are subject to unimaginable violence. The case of a bad guardian turning a good dog into something they were never born to be, pit bulls and other breeds forced into fighting rings have been pigeon-holed into a category of “dangerous” animals that are unfit to be companion animals.

This could not be farther from the case and today South Dakota is taking measures to ensure that no dog is discriminated against because of stereotypes or false narratives. BSL is on a decline nationwide as more and more people realize the injustice surrounding these laws.

Many animal rights campaigners, including Ray the Vicktory Dog, one of Michael Vick’s former dogs, joined in the celebration of this anti-discrimination legislation, hailing this as a small victory that will one day spread across the country.

Image source: Ray the Vicktory Dog/Facebook