This video of shelter animals receiving a special Christmas gift will lift your spirits and warm your heart. The toys were handmade by Patty, who works at the Arizona Humane Society as an Animal Care team member. She took it upon herself to make 67 dog toys and 50 cat toys to make them feel as special as they truly are. How adorable is it watching them wagging and sniffing in anticipation?!

As if that weren’t enough, Patty also surprised all the little critters with a special treat too – cilantro, carrots, and recycled cardboard! We just love how all the deserving animals, big and small, were included in the festivities. This was truly a beautiful display of love and compassion that certainly didn’t go unnoticed, especially by the animals.

Shelter workers and volunteers surely deserve a lot more credit than they get. Day after day these compassionate people have to make heartbreaking decisions and see incomprehensible cruelty and neglect cases that most of us couldn’t possibly handle. You can help make their job easier by reminding others that adopting a pet is a serious, life-long commitment. You can also help by donating money, supplies, fostering, or volunteering.

To learn more about the Arizona Humane Society, click here.