This will put a big smile on your face! Knowing how tough the holidays can be for homeless dogs who just want to curl up in a warm bed with a family, Atlanta’s LifeLine Animal Project has launched a “Home for the Pawlidays” program. The program will put 20 of the LifeLine’s shelter dogs, some of which have been waiting months for a forever home, into foster homes for the week of Thanksgiving!

In the above video (careful, you may happy cry!), you’ll meet just some of the dogs in the compassionate program, who are all smiles as they leave the shelter and hop in their foster parent’s car. Kindly, the LifeLine Animal Project has provided the foster families with all of the necessary supplies and vet care for the holiday week – all the lucky pups have to do is spend Thanksgiving in a warm, loving home. So sweet!


Even if you don’t live in Atlanta, you can still help homeless dogs and cats this holiday season. You can become an important part of the mission to save homeless pets by fostering animals with your local animal shelter or rescue group. To find out more about how you can become involved, click here. If you’re not able to foster right now, consider volunteering. Every little bit counts!

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