Suraj, a one-eared elephant, is in desperate need of help. At 45-years-old, Suraj has lived a life of despair. At one time in his life, his entire left ear was ripped off. No one knows quite how it happened, but it is suspected that he suffered the injury when he was captured from the wild as a baby and separated from his mother and herd.

When Wildlife SOS India discovered Suraj, he was found standing in his own excrement and urine, in the same dank room he has occupied for years, or maybe even decades. Heavy chains were wrapped around his legs, and when examined by a veterinarian, Suraj was found to be suffering everywhere. The vet discovered bullhook wounds on his head, a lice, and tick infestation, cracked and painful toenails, foot rot, infection in both eyes, and even a severe injury to the tip of his tail.


Rescuers found Suraj in chains and in pain from head to tail. You can help him!



Since the rescue team did not have official permission to take the elephant in, they convinced the elephant’s handlers to take him out for a short walk in the sunshine, with a brief stop at a nearby river, to provide as much comfort as possible in the moment. You can watch his walk here, but it is clear Suraj is in a lot of pain as he takes small strides while shackled. Seeing the small joy the sun brought to him, the team named him Suraj, which means “sunshine” in Hindi.

You Can Help!

Wildlife SOS has cleared two of three hurdles faced in their effort to rescue Suraj, but in order to free him from his home and be given a new life, the organization needs your help. You can be a part of the rescue by visiting Wildlife SOS and making a donation and bringing a whole lot of “sunshine” to Suraj’s life.


All image source: Wildlife SOS