Goats of Anarchy is a non-profit goat sanctuary that has a mission to rescue and rehabilitate baby goats with special needs. No matter the health problem, the goats are safe in hands at Goats of Anarchy sanctuary. Instead of the goats being used for their milk or for their meat, the goats now live their life free from harm.

You might remember this incredible organization for their effort in rescuing little Pocket, the baby goat who was born without back feet. While many would think that Pocket’s disability is too much to overcome, at Goats of Anarchy, he is getting the best care possible. Pocket is frequently outfitted in sparkly cases to make the recovery process easier. It just seems that part of what the sanctuary does best is make the little ones feel special – and that sometimes includes donning them in awesome outfits. Get ready for some cuteness!


If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a goat in her duck coat!

This little sweetheart loves her cozy fox costume! 

Channeling her inner Legally Blonde, Polly is feeling smart and pretty.

“I’m dressed up as a baby so that means you have to cuddle me!”


Follow the Yellow Brick Road … all the way to adorableness! 

Polly is certainly a special lady with her unicorn costume on.

“Does this make me look like a flower princess?”

Anyone need a flower girl for an upcoming wedding? This sweet goat has you covered. 



The goats at Goats of Anarchy don’t seem to mind wearing costumes, but remember – not animals enjoy playing dress up. Please don’t put animals in costumes if they aren’t comfortable.

For more baby goat cuteness, you can follow Goats of Anarchy on their Facebook page.

All image source: Goats of Anarchy/Facebook