It goes without saying that animals born with physical disabilities will encounter more struggles than those without. They may not have the same mobility as their able-bodied peers and they may not be able to run as fast or play as hard, but their lives are just as valuable. Unfortunately, many people fail to see these animals for their personalities and so, it’s harder to find permanent homes for them. Thankfully, there are amazing organizations out there who make it their mission to give them the life they deserve. Goats of Anarchy (GOA), for example, is a sanctuary that specializes in rescuing and rehabilitating physically disabled goats. A little over two weeks ago, they welcomed Pocket, the baby goat in the photos below, who weighed no more than two pounds. Pocket was born without back hooves and while there are no details on where he came from, we’re glad that he’s now in their care.

Pocket the baby goat snoozed on his caretaker’s lap the entire way to his first visit to the vet.


Even though Pocket was born without back hooves, he’s not sad because he’s still learning how to walk with the help of prosthetics.

He’s also got incredible fall style. Thankfully, he’s always ready for the camera.

…and his own stuffed animal! Life is good.

Fitted with his newest prosthetics, Pocket decided to take a nap with Polly, his best friend. According to GOA, they “have a calming effect on each other. [Their friendship] was truly meant to be.”


It’s thanks to an amazing organization like Goats of Anarchy that little Pocket is learning how to walk. It might take a little more time and effort to raise this little one than other goats, but with the help of his prosthetics, he’s growing stronger and more confident by the day.

Recently, the vet fitted him with his newest prosthetics. As you can see in the video below, Pocket is wobbly on his legs but shows no signs of giving up. We’re all rooting for him!




To learn more about Goats of Anarchy and the work they do, visit their official website. For updates on Pocket, check out their Facebook page.

All image source: Goats of Anarchy/Facebook