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When we hear about pet homelessness, we often think about the millions of dogs and cats sitting in shelters. Approximately 3.4 million cats and 3.9 million dogs enter shelters every year, and of that number, only a small portion find forever homes. But dogs and cats aren’t the only animals that find themselves without a family or a place to call home.

Hamsters and small mammals, often known as “pocket pets,” often come into homes as the result of an impulse purchase. These small, cute, and furry pets are especially appealing to children, but when the novelty wears off, these animals often find themselves being given away or dropped off at a shelter.

Knowing the sad reality for hamsters and small mammals, we were thrilled to learn about The Pipsqueakery, a hamster rescue and sanctuary in Indiana that specializes in medically or behaviorally special needs hamsters.

Hamsters like Mary Tyler S’more (how adorable is that name?) now live in the safety of The Pipsqueakery. 

Daffodil is another cutie that lives in the sanctuary. He used to be a biter but with patience, Daffodil has realized he is now safe and loved. 

The Pipsqueakery doesn’t stop at hamsters. The organization also rescues other small mammals, such as Merlin the rat

Norbert loves to eat and we can’t blame him. Food is great!

We are thankful Poe and his friends are loved and well taken care of.



Hamsters, Guinea pigs, and similar animals require a lot of care and can live for two to three years, depending on the species. A proper diet and exercise are important for these tiny creatures, and cleaning their enclosure is imperative to prevent illness and disease. If you are thinking of welcoming a hamster or a similar animal into your home, please make sure to do your research first and always adopt. If you aren’t ready to adopt just yet, consider providing a foster home for an animal in need. Together, we can make a difference!

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Image Source: The Pipsqueakery/Instagram